The Lie - Cottage Of Secrets (Walkthrough)

This is a point and click adventure game. In this game one has to interact with the objects. Now we will tell you how to solve this mysterious mystery.

Firstly you have to tap on the sign board outside the cottage. An entry will be stored in your adventure diary. You can simply open your adventure diary by tapping on the inventory box and can check the entries in the diary.

After that click on the blue mark and you will reach out to the main door of the cottage but you cannot go through as it's locked and requires 3 digit passcode. The passcode is 280. You can find that in your adventure diary.

The door will open up and a beautiful hall is seen. Straight way there is a painting hanging on a wall giving message about the empty flower vase and jewel box placed on the table right below the painting. On the right side there is a cabinet which requires a pattern to unlock. And on the left side, there opens a door when tapped leading to dinning room.

There is a closet containing torch inside it but locked which requires silver plated key to unlock it. Tap on the bonsai tree and collect a rustic key. On the right corner tap on the door which will lead you to kitchen. Tap on the refrigerator and note down the entry in your diary. After that collect the knife from the kitchen counter. Also there is a bucket without a handle, which needs to be found.

Coming out to hall, there is a standing clock near the left and right upstair, tap on it an entry will be stored in your dairy. Tap on left upstair that will lead you to study room which is locked and allen-key is needed. The right upstair will lead you to bedroom. There is a door in between the study room and bedroom that lead you to store room which can be unlocked by the sequence of colours (Colour sequence found on clock is the answer. Open adventure diary to check it out).

On the extreme right of store room is a rustic box, open the box using rustic key you picked from dinning room. Pickup the hammer the box contains. There is an another box locked with the pattern of animals. Use the entry you noted down from the refrigerator that depicts carrots for rabbit, bone for dog and water for fish. Put them in sequence as in adventure dairy so as to open the box. Pickup the flower base contained in it.

Go to bedroom and set the flower base on the impression made on the dresser that will open up the drawer containing a golden cube. Set this golden cube on the box placed from the left side of store room. Pick up the painting brush from the box.

Go back to bedroom and tap on the door on the right side of room which will lead you to washroom. Tap on the towel an entry will be stored in adventure dairy. Also there is a locked panel structure whose rails are to be matched.

On the right corner of store room there is a box fixed on the wall. Use knife to cut the string and it will ask you for a code which is depicted on entry picked from washroom having coloured stickers sewn on towels. It has 8 blue dots , 6 red dots and 3 green dots. So the code is 863.The box will open, push the red button it will turn green and the door will be opened to backyard.

Tap on door, it will lead to forest. There is a dark tree trunk which needs to be lighten up to fetch some information. Click on the box placed on the left side of the tree. There is a puzzle type painting, sort out the pieces in such a way that the painting will make sense. After completion it will open , pick up the allen-key and break the wooden plank using hammer, and collect the blue gemstone.

Use the allen-key to open the study room, pick up the duct tape and an entry which will provide you a pattern to unlock the cabin placed on the right side of hall. Pick up the owl statue and move back to forest. There is a statue guard blocking the way. Put the owl statue on the open space of stone pedestal placed at the right side of guard statue. This will shift the guard statue and will open the way to explore more.

The other statue on the left side of guard statue seems to be incomplete, put the blue gemstone in it’s eye picked up from wooden box. But it is still incomplete.

To explore more tap on the way ahead it will lead to another side of forest, having a well on left side containing roses which are floating. On right side there is a stone covered with dirt and a stone house in the centre.

Using the painting brush, remove the dirt from stone and an entry in adventure dairy will be stored which depicts the locked panel structure of the box in bathroom. Matching the rails (3, 1, 4, 2) will open the panel and provide you the silver plated key. Use the key to unlock the closet placed in dinning room. Pick up the torch from closet. Use the torch to light up the dark tree trunk and an entry is made in adventure dairy.

To make entry in the stone house, there are five riddles in which the suitable word should be guessed using the hints. The answers are MYSTERY, ISLAND, STORM, WAVE & GENIUS for the respective riddles.

The door will open up then tap on it. Inside stone house there is an electric board on the left side whose fuse is missing. On the right side there is a gate which will open by matching characters scribbled on the adventure dairy. The 2 same symbols need to be matched. This will open up the gate. Pickup the rope tied to handle from floor. And go back to kitchen join the rope with handle to bucket.

Go to well and use bucket to pick up the roses floating deep down. Put those roses in the flower vase kept in the hall which will open the jewel box placed near it.

Pickup the red gemstone and fix it in the other eye of incomplete statue, which will open the mouth of statue. Pickup the fuse and go to stone house and fix the electronic box and it will light up the cave. Tap on the mouth of the case leads you to a tunnel on the right side of tunnel a tall statue is seen wearing a star pendent. You need ladder to reach there.

Tap on the extreme end of tunnel, a boat is seen, but it needs a key to start. Pick up the ladder placed there, use it to get shiny star pendent from tall statue.

Go back to starting point from where the game was started, there is a box near the sign board. Use the star impression to unlock the box containing map and a key to start the boat.

Go through the same path to boat via cave, use duct tape to repair the broken wires, and put a key in the ignition point. Tap on the key and the boat will start....

And after that…. Something unexpected will happen…. If we tell you, a surprise will be ruined. So find it out by yourself :))))